"Long S-8"
Remler IFs / Best circuit / Ca. 1925
Independently manufactured by the Long Radio Works of Cornelius, Oregon

"Tyrman '70'
Screen Grid Amplimax"
January 1928 / 7 Tube Kit
First Super to use Screen Grid Tubes (UX222)

Buckwalter "Supertone"
Interior of set from previous page
1925 and 1926
Independently Manufactured
Note the flat copper buss used under tube panel

"Haynes-Griffin Simplified"
Haynes "Cone" IFs / Haynes - Silver Circuit
February 1924 /  7 Tube Kit

"Famous Frank Superkit"
Everlast Radio Products Co. / New York
December 1924 /  8 Tube Kit

"Homebrew 10 Tube Super Het"
Remler IFs / Unknown circuit / Missing Audio Parts
Copper-Lined Cabinet & Coils / Ca. 1926

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"Langhorne Three-Dial Super Het"
Langhorne IFs / Langhorn Circuit
Ca. 1926 /  Independently Manufactured in Portland, OR

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