"Improved Silver All Wave"
Silver-Marshall, Inc. / Chicago
January 1926
Use of special coils at the front-end, allows broader reception

"Sangamo Pressley "
Sangamo Electric Company / Springfield, Illinois
November 1924
Lt. Pressley developed as an airplane receiver after WWI

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Victoreen Radio Inc. (Later "Geo. W. Walker, Co.") / Cleveland
February 1925 /  8 Tube Kit
This set very early, as early as October 1924.  Likely factory  assembled (not illegal yet) and numbered 302 on its label.

"HFL Nine-In-Line"
High Frequency Laboratories / Chicago
Model N27 / March 1927 /  9 Tube Kit
Circuit was developed by Ernst Tyrman before he started his own company.

"Madison Moore Super"
  Madison Moore Radio Corporation/ Denver
August 1925 /  8 Tube Kit / Cabinet 38 inches long!
One of the first manufacturers to use shielded IFs.

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